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Did you know that you don’t have to be in Canada to be in Canada?

November 15th, 2011

Did you know that you don’t have to be in Canada to be in Canada?

For as long as we’ve been in business we have acted as the Canadian presence for U.S companies with distribution requirements in Canada. Sounds simple enough and it is (once you get through the initial education process with the U.S client).

The top 5 advantages are as follows:

  1. You can consolidate all your shipments moving into Canada and do a single customs clearance. So (as a simplified example) instead of 25 shipments at $40 ea, you can clear the whole lot for under $100.
  2. Domestic transportation is less expensive than international shipping methods, which saves money and also makes the traceability of the shipment easier to manage.
  3. You can ship blind. The Canadian customer receives the shipment from London or Cornwall instead of Dallas or Miami.
  4. The Canadian customer doesn’t get hit with duties, taxes and clearance fees. It’s all worked into the price F.O.B. the customer’s door
  5. The same applies for Canadian business shipping to the states or for processing return shipments for credit or repair.

As it happens the big integrators offer this service too. The key difference in using a smaller company to do the consolidation, bulk clearance, deconsolidation and final distribution is the personalized service that the big guys just can’t deliver. That includes the extra hand holding off the top to get the system rolling including streamlining the document preparation.

Due to steadily increasing security safeguards crossing our borders, having accessible professionals to guide you is becoming increasingly important. In the spirit of adding clarity to customs clearance, we trust this has been helpful and we look forward to any comments or further questions you might have.

Our Definition of the Day!

Input tax credit Input Tax Credits are the vehicle for recovering the GST HST paid out on purchases and expenses related to your commercial activities and are often referred to as ITCs in Revenue Canada documents (related to your customs clearance documents) on shipments coming into Canada.

Why is anything to do with customs clearance so complicated?

July 28th, 2011

At Link+, we accept our position as the go to guys to get your goods across the border without delay. Our job, on a daily basis, addresses the details related to customs clearance and compliance that few people understand and are quite happy to have us look after.

If you are claiming duty free status on your shipment crossing the border, we can help you make sure that the goods actually comply with the rules of NAFTA.  It is important, as companies that import or export on a regular basis can expect to receive a random shipment audit every couple of years. This audit has a name. It’s called a CF28, Request for Information, from U.S. Customs.

We’re not offering advice today on how to respond to a CF28, but if you get one, we’re suggesting you don’t ignore it, as many do. Time and time again, we get this type of call at the 11th hour, “I have to submit this by Monday or I’ll need to pay thousands of dollars. HELP!”

We’re happy to come to the rescue for our clients and typically don’t charge extra for it. Our experience is that U.S. Customs is quite easy to deal with. The most recent example was an automotive parts supplier that ignored a CF28 Request for Information. Once we were notified we jumped into action and dealt directly with the customs officer responsible for the request. We talk their language and U.S. Customs appreciate dealing with people who fully understand their requirements. In just about every case, we have proved that the company is in compliance with NAFTA requirements and supplied the necessary documents in time to avoid any additional expense for our customers.

With the high rate of non-compliance, it is likely these random checks will increase. So remember, if you get a CF28 from U.S. Customs, deal with it. If not, it will cost you money. Need help with it? Call us, we’re happy to be of assistance!